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Faculty of Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

MEF University Industrial Engineering B.Sc. Program is designed to cover the latest topics in Industrial Engineering. Our students are aimed to be equipped with technically superior knowledge and experience. Since the program aims to produce globally competitive graduates not only for the demand by the production and service sectors but also for starting and developing new business, students are well informed of the related sectors and establishing new business; for this purpose, the program contains both compulsory and elective courses not only in the field of decision making, entrepreneurship and industrial applications but also in business. In our program, new topics associated with the service sector are given more emphasis rather than the classical subjects related with the production sector. In this context, students are provided with depth in the fields of Manufacturing and Service Management, Finance, Supply Chain Management and Decision Support Systems starting from the second year undergraduate level by means of various elective courses. Parallel to the general trend of increasing popularity, elective courses are offered in areas such as Lean Manufacturing and Service Systems, Optimization Models in Finance, Supply Chain Modeling and Data Mining.


Job Opportunities
A significant portion of the graduates of the program are expected to be employed in the sectors of financial services, retail services, logistics and transportation, health services, tourism, intellectual services (consulting, research & development, communications and information technology, education), creative industries (advertising, design, publishing, etc.) and public services (government and non-governmental organizations). Many of our graduates are expected to choose to continue their education at the graduate level.
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